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Urban Photorealism, a kind of realistic painting, is hundreds of years old and began before the introduction of photography.  All artworks completed before our modern abstract era were strictly realistic.

It will be obvious that I am not a historian.  I don't compete with many articulate critics who document painting.  My site is a referral center.

Other websites are devoted to Urban Photorealism.  Some are well organized and worthwhile.  However I note a lack of consistency and non-commercial interest, and it isn't easy to find sites with intact links to working artists.

My list of artists is not exclusive or compete, nor is it likely to be finished.  My site is prejudiced toward skilled draftsmen and draftswomen who concentrate on urban subjects.  Abstract art or works that I interpret have quality issues may not be included.  My links are neither endorsements or rejections.  I enjoy artists who may not be commercially successful but who take risks and paint dynamic, exciting work.

Many artists produce fine work.  I decide which works to link.  Listed artists must devote substantial work to urban photorealism.  Few artists devote all their energy to one subject so most sites show varied contents.  Rarely an artist is included who displays eclectic, remarkable vision yet may not be a strict realist.

Find an alphabetic list to artist websites on LINKS To Urban Realists.  I review my list often, given my other responsibilites.  Contact me if a link doesn't work or you know an artist to be added.  I visit and review each site.

Links to Realist Galleries is a collection of commercial websites that specialize in showing Urban Realist painters.  This field is so limited so these galleries have variable inventories.  This list is new so the number galleries is small.


I don't sell or profit from this website.  I do not request reciprocal links.  Ads on this site are sponsored by the host ISP.  I do not endorse or approve links to ad sites.



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